Movie Review: Falling Inn Love


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Falling Inn Love is a 2019 film directed by Roger Kumble.

The cheese is real kiddos.

The newest chick-flick to take Netflix by storm is here, and as the resident chick-flick critic for the Messenger, I am here with my review.

“Falling Inn Love” follows Gabriela Diaz (Christina Milian), a woman that works for a terrible  boss and is dating Dean (Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman), a boy scared of commitment. She is incredibly dissatisfied with her life in San Francisco. After a break-up and getting laid off, she takes the chance of a lifetime. Gabriela applies for a contest to own an Inn in New Zealand. 

When she wins, she heads to New Zealand to find that her dream home is more in need of repair than expected. With the help of the very dashing farm-boy Jake (Adam Demos), she builds the life she has always wanted. 

I loved this movie with my whole heart.

Milian was the perfect Gabriela and was a good choice for the role. She had the essence of a city girl who secretly loves the countryside pouring out of every inch of her soul. She truly is what developed the character so well.

Demos was also a great choice. He is easy on the eyes and his New Zealand  accent is beyond beautiful. He pulled real, deep emotion into a movie that could have been incredibly surface level due to it being a chick-flick (which tend to contain only superficial themes such as “true love” or “love at first sight”). 

This movie had me jumping for joy and crying softly all at the same time. I loved every second of the epic romance between Gabriela and Jake. With the “Hallmark Christmas Movie Level” cheese, I got exactly what I was looking for on a Wednesday night: an escape from reality.