MHSNews 18-19 | Episode 1

New Changes and Familiar Faces

MHSNews starts off the 2018-2019 school year with a brand new staff and a renewed format, focusing on informative news and high quality content creation.


Stories this Episode-

“Ketchup on Trays?”- Jackson Estwanick, executive reporter, investigates a claim that the lunch trays at MHS are not clean enough to eat directly off of.

“Just Pure Fun”- Kyla Zerweck, staff reporter, reports on a Lifetime Recreational Fitness class that mixes students who receive Special School District services with student mentors who support good play and new friendships.

“New Bell Schedule”- Lexie Diekroeger, staff reporter, shares perspectives on the new bell schedule from the administrative, teacher, and student level.

“Ed and Bix”- Shon Sayfuddinov, staff reporter, follows two of MHS’ most notorious teachers around campus who pick up trash on their lunch break.