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MHSNews 18-19 | Episode 1

New Changes and Familiar Faces

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MHSNews starts off the 2018-2019 school year with a brand new staff and a renewed format, focusing on informative news and high quality content creation.


Stories this Episode-

“Ketchup on Trays?”- Jackson Estwanick, executive reporter, investigates a claim that the lunch trays at MHS are not clean enough to eat directly off of.

“Just Pure Fun”- Kyla Zerweck, staff reporter, reports on a Lifetime Recreational Fitness class that mixes students who receive Special School District services with student mentors who support good play and new friendships.

“New Bell Schedule”- Lexie Diekroeger, staff reporter, shares perspectives on the new bell schedule from the administrative, teacher, and student level.

“Ed and Bix”- Shon Sayfuddinov, staff reporter, follows two of MHS’ most notorious teachers around campus who pick up trash on their lunch break.

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About the Contributors
Jackson Estwanick, Production Editor/ Executive Producer

Jackson Estwanick, junior, is the Production Editor for the Messenger and the Executive Producer for MHSNews. His leadership in activities includes being...

Kyla Zerweck, Staff Reporter

Kyla Zerweck, junior, is a staff reporter for MHSNews. In her free time, she loves hanging out with her friends and meeting new people. 

Lexie Diekroeger, Social Media Editor

Lexie Diekroeger, junior, is the Social Media Editor for MHSNews. She is involved in cheerleading, ultimate frisbee, and is a member of the Junior Class...

Shon Sayfuddinov, Associate Producer

Shon Sayfuddinov, junior, is the Associate Producer of MHSNews. He is involved in Marching Band, Robotics, and Ultimate Frisbee.  

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MHSNews 18-19 | Episode 1