Weighing In-Person and Online Learning


Media by Mason Kellerman

Making the difficult choice between in-person and virtual school can leave many students weighing their options extensively to decide what is best for them.

Through virtual learning, you are in control of your education, your schedule and your health. Everything around us is uncertain, so why not stay in the comfort of your home? 

Virtual allows you to have the same experience as an in-person student minus all of the inconveniences. 

I can Zoom into my class period and see the lessons worked out on a screen right in front of me. It allows me to better see the board rather than peeking around other students.

 Online learning allows me to use my time wisely and work around my schedule. With work and extracurricular activities, I can get homework done during and right after class in order to save time. If I need to cram for a test, I don’t have to worry about the time it takes to get ready or commute in the morning.

 Because virtual learning can be more of an independent experience, it allows you to prepare for college and career norms where you don’t have someone pushing you along the way. This type of education makes you more responsible in other aspects of life.

 As a student who doesn’t like speaking in class, Zoom allows me to privately chat with my teacher if I have a question or concern. It also organizes conversation in the class by preventing students speaking over one another.

 However if you have trouble paying attention to the computer, being a virtual student may not be an option. I think that if you are able to handle your school work, and advocate for your education, stay online.

 By staying at home, you can limit your amount of possible exposure to COVID-19. Whenever you are out in public, you don’t have control over the people who surround you. You don’t know if the person you sit right next to in class had a 50-person family reunion the past weekend.

Especially in the holiday season, it’s important to take into account who we are around in order to protect our family members and friends.

Exposure to COVID-19 can throw a wrench in everyone’s schedule. Being out of work, activities and a social life for weeks can inconvenience anyone’s life. Virtual students can take charge.