Movie Review: Before I Fall


One word: Cardboard.

Let’s get something straight, that Before I Fall is not your average “cry-your-eyes-out-because-you’re-single” film. Although there is promised romance and emotion, the movie ultimately doesn’t deliver. It almost reminded me of cardboard: boring and plain.

As a total sad and romantic movie enthusiast, I was looking forward to seeing this movie. However, showing up, it was odd considering the theater was virtually empty. I just figured it was an early showing on a Monday afternoon; therefore, people couldn’t make the time. In reality, I think people stayed away because the movie wasn’t appealing or emotional enough, leaving it a waste of time.

Throughout the film, you see Samantha (Zoey Deutch) try and figure out how to reverse her day from hell that she keeps reliving. You see her strengthen and destroy relationships all in a hot minute. These relationships go through so many ups and downs that the emotion is lost, leaving the movie to be similar to watching paint dry.

There were some parts that were slightly more exciting and emotional. I think the relationship between Sam and her sister (Erica Tremblay) was well developed. You truly understand the bond that the sisters have despite their constant bickering. In the same light, I think Sam and Juliet (Elena Kampouris) is also very emotional. You learn more about both girls as they interact with each other. The film ultimately leaves us wanting to hear and learn more about these relationships, yet instead, we are forced to focus on Sam’s pointless and boring relationship with her friend group. This soaked up all of the emotion of the film like a giant sponge leaving the film extremely dry.

I also will say that the casting choices were well done. Zoey Deutch was a perfect actress to play the lead. She constantly made me feel as if she truly knew what it was like to suffer from this unique situation. Her portrayal was very thought out and well executed. I feel the same way about actor Logan Miller and his portrayal of Kent (Samantha’s childhood love interest). His awkward teenage boy vibe is very well pursued and was very relatable.

With the uninteresting nature in mind, I think the script and plot could be stronger with more developed relationships. With this thought in mind, I would not recommend this movie. I think it is a waste of time for only a few minutes of interest.