Dr. Michael Wegener and Melissa Davis hired as new principals for 2023-24 school year


Media by Annabelle Miller

Next year, MHS will have two new principals, Dr. Michael Wegener and Melissa Davis, filling the roles of associate principal and sophomore principal.

The Board of Education (BOE) approved the hiring of two new principals this past month: Dr. Michael Wegener and Melissa Davis. 

Dr. Wegener will replace Dr. Tracey Waekerle as associate principal, and Davis will replace Dr. Dan Ramsey as sophomore principal. Dr. Waekerle will replace Dr. Steve Hankins as head principal. Dr. Ramsey is retiring.

Dr. Wegener said he’s excited to learn about MHS’ traditions and experience its community. His short term goal, he said, is to meet as many staff and students as possible and build relationships with them.

“I really want to learn what direction the school is going in and work toward that and make it happen,” Dr. Wegener said. 

Dr. Wegener attended Oakville High School and has worked there for the last three years as an assistant principal. He attended college at the University of Mississippi and worked as a choral director in Mississippi before moving back into the Mehlville school district.

I really want to learn what direction the school is going in and work toward that and make it happen,

— Dr.Michael Wegener

Dr. Wegener said one of the most important policies for him to uphold is transparency.

“There are decisions that have to be made about a lot of different areas of the school, Dr. Wegener said. “I’m always willing to sit down with people to talk through it.”

Davis has been an assistant principal at Holt High School in the Wentzville School District for a year, and she taught science for 14 years at Fox High School before that. She started her teaching career at Lafayette High School. Davis recently completed her Educational Specialist degree.

“I love seeing people grow, and I love celebrating successes along the way,” Davis said.

As a principal, Davis said it is important for her to value teamwork and empathy.

 “Everyone can reach their goals; however, everyone might not take the same path to get there,” Davis said. 

Dr. Waekerle was involved in the hiring process for both new principals and said both were chosen because of their high qualifications. 

I love seeing people grow, and I love celebrating successes along the way,

— Melissa Davis

“They’re going to be offering a lot of good ideas, and I think they’re both going to fit really well into our communities,” Dr. Waekerle said.

Dr. Waekerle said Dr. Wegener handles many responsibilities in his current position similar to the responsibilities of an associate principal.

“He’s going to be bringing in a lot of experience and a unique outside perspective that we are excited to have,” Dr. Waekerle said.

Although Davis has limited experience as a principal, Dr. Waekerle said Davis has had multiple leadership roles that qualify her for the job.

“She was a very involved teacher and leader,” Dr. Waekerle said. “She was a department chair at one point, and she took a lot of ownership in the building to gain that leadership experience.”

Both principals will begin their roles on July 1.