Photo Gallery: COVID-19

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  • Schnucks employee slices meat wearing a mask and gloves.

  • Toilet paper continues to be rationed.

  • Wearing a mask, Schnucks employee stocks freezers.

  • MHS Remote Food Drive collects goods from the community.

  • Students deliver donated goods to the coordinator of the Remote Food Drive.

  • Sign warns community that Castlewood State Park is closed.

    Media by Ben Hughes
  • Cashier checks out customer from behind a protective glass window.

  • Among many Missouri park closures, Castlewood State Park remains closed indefinitely.

  • Castlewood State Park plants stakes around the perimeter of the grounds to ensure public safety.

  • The Ballwin Pointe remains closed until the tentative date of Saturday, April 25.

  • The Ballwin Pointe remains empty as the COVID-19 outbreak reaches its peak.

  • The Ballwin Pointe’s indoor pool area remains vacant amid COVID-19 outbreak.

  • Two statues grasp each other through a tissue to preserve the spread of disease.

  • Geese roam near the Ballwin Pointe’s playground.

  • St. Louis county’s playgrounds will be closed through April 22.

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