STUCO to hold second annual Neon Night

As a replacement for the turnabout dance, Student Council (STUCO) is holding their second annual Neon Mixer on Saturday, Feb. 25.  For only five dollars, students can dance with their friends and have a good time, Amaly Yossef, STUCO president, said.  MAP scholars even get in free.

Yossef said the tickets will be in the spirit of neon night because they are neon bracelets. 

“STUCO will be selling neon accessories like glasses and a $10 T-shirt,” Yossef said.

The mixer starts at 7 p.m. and is in the commons.  Yossef said she prefers the mixer to the turnabout dance because students don’t have to worry about getting a date.  Also, STUCO started their preparation for the mixer by selling tickets at lunch.  Students need to show their identification to get a ticket, Yossef said.

“For preparation there wasn’t much to do because there are only a few decorations, neon paint and posters,” Yossef said.

Last year, Hannah Adams, sophomore, went to the mixer with her friends.

“It was exciting, but not a lot of people were there,” Adams said.

Yossef said that last year it was a good success for being the first mixer for STUCO.  STUCO wants to continue that success and Yossef said more people should come this year because they have heard about it from their friends.

Megan Casserly, junior, didn’t go last year, but she plans on going this year and dressing up in the neon attire.

“My friends went last year and said it was fun, so this year we are all going together,” Casserly said.