Counselors Sell Sweatshirts to Support Food Pantry


Media by Anika Talyan

Layla Torgoley, college counselor, looks at food from the MHS Food Pantry while wearing a sweatshirt she created to support the pantry. Torgoley has created shirt designs for the guidance office before but after excitement and support from other staff members, she opened the shirt orders to the entire school. Torgoley is donating a portion of her proceedings to the MHS Food Pantry. “Our Food Pantry is in need of some extra assistance. So we thought we could donate to that,” Torgoley said.

Inspired by the lack of creative MHS merch, Layla Torgoley, college career counselor, decided to design her own for the Guidance Office. To her surprise, more staff than she thought were interested.

 She chose to use the extra interest to help raise funds for the MHS Food Pantry. 

“Our Food Pantry is in need of some extra assistance,” Torgoley said. “So we thought we could donate to that.”

Torgoley said she decided to support the food pantry after discovering they needed more help. 

“I think it’s a great cause,” Torgoley said. “A lot of times, we just buy things without cause, and so this is just a fun way to get something cool and donate to a good cause.”

I think it’s a great cause. A lot of times, we just buy things without cause, and so this is just a fun way to get something cool and donate to a good cause.

— Layla Torgoley

Sweatshirt orders are open now and will close on Wednesday, March 29, with a base price of $38. This price could decrease with increased orders, Torgoley said. 

Taylor Decker, school social worker, runs the Food Pantry and said families are experiencing greater levels of food insecurity than ever before due to rising grocery costs and the elimination of school-wide free/reduced lunch programs. 

“Our goal is to help support our students and families by providing nutritious meals,” Decker said. 

Kimberly Mathews, senior, was the operation support squadron manager for the last food bank drive. Mathews helped set up the drive by working with Decker and by setting up places and times for the drive to run. 

“I 100% think the food drive is important,” Mathews said. “There are a lot of students that definitely utilize that resource and it’s something that we should definitely have.”

Sarah Coyle, secretary of A+/College and Career Center, wore the sweatshirt today to support the pantry. 

“It’s great,” Coyle said. “We need to support those that need the extra help.”

Contact Taylor Decker at [email protected] if you could benefit from the food pantry or are interested in helping out.