MHSNews | Ballwin Sno-Cone Opens for Summer

Following the conversion of a real estate business into the new, locally-owned Ballwin Sno-Cone shop, Emma Morrow, senior, observed the construction progress, which peaked her interest and inspired her to follow their social media.

Once the business advertised for job openings, Morrow and her sister, Meg, senior, applied.

Morrow said she and her sister work as a pair, with one taking orders and the other preparing and serving the orders.

“We work really well together, and it’s amazing to get to spend some time together before we go our separate ways in college,” Morrow said.

Morrow said the relationship between the employees, including the owners, managers and co-workers, makes the job much more enjoyable.

“I love working with my other peers,” Morrow said. “We all go to different schools, but we all get along and have so much fun together.”

Due to plentiful outdoor seating, as well as an arcade, Morrow said the business has a family-oriented feel. Most recently, the business implemented a station for children to make their own sno-cones.

“This really is a spot for our community, where people can bring their families and friends to spend some time together and enjoy themselves,” Morrow said.

Morrow said the menu was created by a chef who inspired the diversity of options on the menu, outside of sno-cones. 

Regarding sno-cones, the options are not traditional, as the shop can serve the sno-cones with ice cream or with the addition of alcohol for adults.

“It is a special place where you can get food and sno-cones, then sit anywhere with your friends and family to people-watch, chat or just enjoy the weather,” Morrow said. 

Similar to Morrow, Natalie Zweifel, junior, applied to the business for the grand opening after watching the construction process.

After working there for almost a year, Zweifel said her bond with her co-workers has grown and some have become her best friends.

Zweifel said the arcade adds to the uniqueness of the business and provides an inviting atmosphere for customers of all ages to spend time together.

“It’s a great place to hangout with your friends and family,” Zweifel said. “There’s something there for everyone.”

This is important for parents, such as Laura Marie Coverstone, language arts teacher, who appreciates the family-oriented space for her children to enjoy themselves.

“Even just having a large grassy area to play in has meant a lot to my kids,” Coverstone said. “Most places in the area just have a stand on a parking lot, and it’s just not as inviting to kids who have to burn off a lot of energy.”

Coverstone initially heard about the business from a good friend who is also a parent, and she made her first visit soon after it opened last summer. It was her first outing with friends since the pandemic began.

“It was so nice to grab a picnic table, enjoy a frosty treat and watch our kids play in the grass,” Coverstone said. “It gave us a little bit of normalcy during a very uncertain time in history.”

With Ballwin Athletic Complex nearby, Coverstone said her family enjoys visiting Ballwin Sno-Cone for a post-game celebration. 

“We love supporting local and will be returning,” Coverstone said.