Album Predictions: Harry’s House

Harrys House is set to release on May 20th.

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Harry’s House is set to release on May 20th.

The soundtrack to my freshman year, Harry Styles’ Fine Line, was a cohesive, relatable album. Released in December of 2019, the Grammy-nominated project was a pop phenomenon, being the fifth-best selling album of the year in pure sales. However, the pandemic threw a wrench in the plans. Love On Tour was delayed and caused the era that was Fine Line to be prolonged for three years. 

Though I adore the album, my ears grew wary of the same tracks; Styles’ music moved further and further down my recently played on Spotify. 

However, on March 23, Styles announced his upcoming album, Harry’s House. Set to release on May 20. The album name is a nod to Joni Mitchell’s song, “Harry’s House / Centerpiece.” Styles has expressed his admiration for Mitchell on many accounts, so the name couldn’t be more fitting. 

Featuring an upside down home with an upright Styles, the album cover alone permeates a welcoming energy. The natural lighting along with the minimalist furniture evokes a warm, “lived in” feeling, which is more than likely going to be the overall tone of the album. 

Shortly after the album announcement, a snippet was posted to Styles’ YouTube channel that featured a distorted sound in the background. Fans reversed the sound and discovered what seemed to be a song. Styles’ ability to keep his fans guessing, once again prevails, and I for one, love the calculated sneak peek.

The song itself seemed to have a bedroom pop and Indie feel, which is nothing like anything he’s created before. Seeing him join the likes of Rex Orange County and Mac Demarco would be a dream come true. As his first studio album was more on the rock side and his second album was pop, a genre shift to indie isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

A few days after the album was announced, on March 28, a lead single was announced. “As It Was” is set to release on April 1. I am excited to see what this track will be like, and the release of this song will further show what Styles has in store for us. 

I’ve already begun to see Styles climb back up my recently played on Spotify, and I can’t wait for “Harry’s House” to be the soundtrack to my summer.