Review: Fuller House (Season 3)


4 words: I miss the original.

Netflix has been carrying on the classic show from the 90s “Full House” through their series “Fuller House”. Recently, the third season of the show was released and it has left people talking.

With the first season it was a great throwback. I was so pumped for it to come out that I had my friends over and we binge watched the season in an evening.

The second season was a announced and it was a little less exciting, but I was pumped to see what they would do for this season. After watching I was pretty sure it was going to end or at least do one more season and then be done.

Then came season 3 and I found it to be very stretched. The plot has become repetitive with a dilemma that is somehow always solved by the end of the episode. The only real draw is the classic catchphrases and references to the original show such as “oh my-lanta” and “how rude”. Although they are beginning to get old since they are repeated on a regular basis.

The cast of the show is still great, but I am getting tired of the random throwback characters such as John Stamos as “Uncle Jesse” or Bob Saget as “Danny” showing up every couple of episodes and it being “a special appearance”. They are no longer special because it happens so often. With that, the applause back track also gets annoying because again, it happens almost every episode. It’s no longer applause worthy.

It makes me sad to say this because I really wanted to love this show, but it was more disappointing than anything. I had to force myself to finish the season just so I could accurately write this opinion. After  two episodes, I had already lost interest.

I’m hoping Jeff Franklin, the writer for the series, will take the hint and end the show in a really cool way while he still can. Ultimately, this would be the best way to end the series on a high note and finally lay “Full House” to rest.