Student Experiences Life-Changing Weight Loss From Running


Media by Dreher Family

“Every time I would go on the bus, this kid would call me ‘fat hippo boy’,” sophomore Christian Dreher recalled of his freshmen year. 

Dreher, after starting to run during cross country last semester, has undergone a physical and emotional transformation after losing 40 pounds over the span of 4 months. 

Sophomore Will Bryson, who has been Dreher’s neighbor since they were in fourth grade, has seen the dedication Dreher has put into running every day and losing weight. 

“It was pretty incredible because he just would not stop running,” Bryson said. “He would just keep his mind on his goal. I’ve never seen someone push as hard as he has at practice.” 

Bryson said he sees Dreher running every day and that as a teammate, Dreher always pushes others and does what he is supposed to do, without getting sidetracked. 

“I think he can be a great inspiration to others who are looking for a way to lose weight because he is a great example of how to actually run with a goal in mind,” Bryson said.

Dreher, on the right, before his weight loss and after:

Christian’s dad, Paul Dreher, initially wasn’t sure if Christian could achieve and maintain his weight loss goal or stick with the rigor that came with running cross country. But, gradually with diet and exercise, Christian ended up losing the weight. 

Paul said Christian surprised him and his wife in his commitment.

We are very proud that he continues to dedicate himself to eating smart and exercising daily,” Paul said.

Paul said Christian has acquired an appreciation for being able to do things that he couldn’t do before he got fit. 

Although he and his wife had to push Christian initially to enforce the lifestyle change, Paul said Christian has done all of the work and remained disciplined. 

“We even have neighbors that stop us and comment on how he has lost so much weight and how they always see him running daily, rain or shine,” Paul said. “It would be very easy to fall back into old habits, but he knows he doesn’t want to go back to living an unhealthy lifestyle.”

Christian plans to continue this lifestyle, with running as a foundation for maintaining his fitness, by participating in the upcoming season of boys track and field. 

When reflecting on his past season of cross country, Christian attributes his weight loss to running for the team. 

Before I lost my weight, I could barely run half a lap,” Christian said. “I can handle more workouts now and it got easier for me. I feel better about myself.”