Let’s stop meninism


Hello. I am a man and I’m a big fan of the F-word. Why? Because feminism’s main goal is to gain equality between men and women.

I find it pretty appalling that meninism acts as the antithesis to the feminist movement.
Supporters of the movement call it “satirical” and use their sexist language to mock feminism essentially making a joke of feminism.

Gender inequality doesn’t sound like a joke to me. It sounds like a disappointing continuation of America’s antiquated ideals. And that’s only one of the issues women are forced to deal with.

It is even more unfortunate that many “meninists” don’t take the movement as the supposed joke that it’s intended to be, but rather as a movement they should support, leading to the spread of anti-feminist speech.

When I see people wearing “meninist” clothing, I ask why? Why support a movement that prevents the advancement of another? That’s nothing more than blatant disrespect.

Growing up, I was always told to respect women. Meninists apparently never learned that lesson.
It’s evident, too, based on the things I saw in my research for this piece that many of the pro-meninist ideas are simply awful.

However, there was one positive thing I saw as I wrote this piece. Every time I typed the word “meninism,” Microsoft Word told me it wasn’t a word.

When I right-clicked on the word to fix the issue, Microsoft asked me, “Did you mean: feminism?”

The answer is yes, Microsoft Word, I do. I do because I support equality, but unfortunately many of my male counterparts do not. It’s time for that to change.