Satire: An exclusive preview into NBC’s new hit series

Welcome back to Week four of “The Biggest Gainer.” Tensions are running high, and so are the calories.
In this week’s edition, the formerly skinny contestants face challenges such as eating donuts and sitting. They’ll also have their first weigh-in to see if they’ve gained weight or have remained their sad, skinny selves throughout their first few weeks on the show.

Before we continue with that, though, we’ll answer some questions from our viewers:

Sarah from Chicago asks, “Why are they so gross? Gain some weight, Skinnies.”

Well, Sarah, that’s what our show aims to do. We’re taking these poor skinny people and making them gain weight. That way they can fit in with the rest of society.”

Robbie from Idaho asks “Why are you making them gain weight? Aren’t they fine the way they are?
No, Robbie. No they are not. Do you see skinny people in the ads? The media? Movies? TV? NO! It’s all people who are bigger. Why? Because they are perfect. Skinny people just aren’t.

Now onto our third and final question. Benny from Los Angeles asks “Why are you even bothering helping these thin people? Is it even worth it?”

Honestly, yes it is, Benny. Without “The Biggest Gainer” how would these poor people become a part of society again? They wouldn’t. They would be stuck as outcasts, forced to continue their lives with bad bodies, making them bad people.

That’s all the questions we’re taking for today, and after the break, we’ll check in on those weigh-ins and see how the contestants are faring. Now, here’s a word from our sponsor, WeightUp!
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