MHSNews | Wakeup MHS Coffee Shop Opens

As students walk across the second floor, they might notice the new coffee shop, Wake Up MHS, in the old sound booth across from the Library.

The coffee shop is open before school, during lunch and during passing periods, and offers hot tea, hot chocolate and coffee with a variety of creamers.

Coffee is $1 with or without creamer, and an extra 25 cents for one of their extra creamers. They also offer a cappuccino for $1.25.

Molly Italiano, special school district teacher, put together the coffee shop from start to finish. Italiano’s 21 students in the Applied Skills Setting class work there, and they rotate each of the hours working the store.

Italiano said the coffee shop provides more interaction with the special education community. 

Students who work there said they enjoy talking to lots of people when taking their orders.

Adam Perryman, senior, is a student in Italiano’s Applied Skills Setting class. Perryman takes customers’ orders and serves their coffee.

“My favorite part about working here is getting to talk with more people,” Perryman said.

Two teachers are required to be there during lunch, one helping the employees and the other watching the student customers.

Administration has required that one teacher ensures student customers are returning to the lunch room.

Tyler Glover, junior, is an avid coffee drinker and said the coffee shop will allow her to get to school earlier than when she gets coffee from Starbucks or Dunkin, which she usually does three times a week. 

“It’s a good idea because it’s more convenient for students and teachers,” Glover said.

Alex Parks, junior, said she used to buy coffee every morning, but because of the traffic and cost, she now comes straight to school. 

“If there is a coffee shop in school, I would buy coffee daily,” Parks said.