Girls are weird

Letters to the Editor

In response to “Intimacy inspires vulnerability“.

Girls are weird. They fall head-over-heels talking about “vulnerability,” “emotions,” and other weird topics like the “Vulnerability inspires intimacy.” Here’s the thing: you all get these weird notions from stupid Hollywood movies that claim you have to be emotionally connected to be truly happy. But the thing is, you don’t need any of that to be a functioning human being. How does not having conversations deeper than the Marianas Trench with the random people at my lunch table limit my ability to feel happiness? I may not care about the how the life of the girl sitting 3 down and across from me is going, but that doesn’t mean I’m a soulless robot (false dichotomy Abigail, I recommend you check it out). The cold, hard truth is, we don’t have time for that. Life is busy: homework piles up faster than leaves on a lazy man’s yard, college deadlines hit you harder than the bus that hit Karen Smith at the end of Mean Girls and most importantly, who cares? If you have some deep rooted interest in the minute intricacies of everyone’s lives, then go for it and find your bonds with everyone. But don’t come crying back to the rest of us claiming we’re heartless robots for not caring.