Senior Events Kick Off with Powderpuff


Media by Elle Devous (she/her)

Seniors Taylor Donatelli and Adeline Leonard embrace each other during Powderpuff practice enjoying their senior year.

Football games are open to spectators, the School Store has reopened and senior events have returned to MHS.

With the high number of COVID-19 cases over the past two school years, MHS along with many other schools had to cancel senior festivities. 

“During my senior year, social interaction was blocked because of COVID,” Evan Miller, Class of 2020, said.

Miller said he had plans for these events and he was bummed when he heard about their cancelation.

Senior Principal Carl Hudson said students need events to feel a part of school.

“Part of school is having fun whether it be the Wacky Olympics, the senior field trip or community service,” Hudson said. 

Hudson said that by bringing these events back, the staff is hoping that this is a way to include the seniors, but also a way to get the underclassmen excited for what’s to come.

Seniors line up during PowderPuff practice facing each other with offense on one side and defense on the other. (Media by Elle Devous (she/her))

I’m beyond thrilled to participate,” Taylor Donatelli, senior, said. “Especially after COVID-19 hit, and it looked like there was a possibility of these things not happening, I’m so happy that we’ve found a way to make it work.”

Donatelli participated in Powder Puff this year and said she was most excited to make memories with people she cares about.

Hudson said seniors should expect to see the return of all the traditional senior events, with the exception of Mr. Mustang because it had lost the interest of seniors in its last few years so MHS decided to cancel it.

Mr. Hudson said there could even be a new senior event focused on community service on the Tuesday, April 5, testing day. This event would focus on connecting seniors to their community in a way that benefits both parties. 

“Instead of having the seniors having to go to some assembly that they probably wouldn’t like, we’re going to try to do something with the local municipalities where our seniors would go out and do some community service on that date,” Hudson said.

Another change that could occur is the location of the senior field trip. A Cardinals game could take Six Flags’ spot for the senior field trip, Hudson said.

Lindsey McGee, senior, said the return of these events will lift students’ spirit.

“These events are a chance for students to connect with their school pride and other students in general,” McGee said.