MHS Renaissance hosts Lucky’s BBQ for the first time


Media by Abby Schilly

Photographed by Abby Schilly

Yesterday, MHS Renaissance held a fundraiser to raise money for a special beneficiary; the students. Renaissance is a nationwide organization that rewards students, and Rick Regina, assistant principal, helps to sponsor it.

“Renaissance is an organization that really recognizes student achievement,” Regina said.  “Student achievement can be anything from good grades to perfect attendance. We would like to recognize anything good that kids do in school.”

This year, Renaissance needed additional funds to continue rewarding the Marquette community and was luckily able to find a great opportunity at Lucky’s Market. Lucky’s Market, a new grocery store at the intersection of Clayton and Clarkson Rds., agreed to hold a barbeque to help raise money for Renaissance.

“Lucky’s is donating all the meat and the sides. Anything that is purchased is all for Marquette. All those funds go back to Marquette,” Regina said. “So if you buy a three dollar meal, all those funds go back to Marquette.”

Regina said that he had reached out to Lucky’s Market and was happy to have found this opportunity.

“When Lucky’s opened up, I reached out to meet the manager because they are neighbors. We got to talking and they mentioned a BBQ and I said, ‘you know what, that would work perfectly with homecoming week.’ It gives us another thing to do and that would be great,” Regina said.

With Lucky taking no cut of the profit, the funds will all go towards the students and fulfilling Renaissance’s goals.

“The funds go to recognizing students,” Regina said. “For example, last week when we gave away the cookies and the pastries for students that were on honor roll or had perfect attendance, the treats were bought with Renaissance money. That may be one of the activities that renaissance sponsors. The Renaissance money ends up all the way back with the students.”

Kaylee Johnson, junior, and communications chair of MHS Renaissance, attended the barbecue and was pleased with the results.

“I think this was a great place for a fundraiser because it’s close to a lot of people, and it’s next to Marquette, and they have really good food,” Johnson said. “It’s really nice to have live music and it feels great to sit outside.”

Regina hopes that the Lucky’s Market barbecue will become an annual event and says that Renaissance is also planning to hold another event in the spring.

Many people who attended the fundraiser were satisfied with the results. Matt Hummel, junior, testifies to the food’s quality.

“I think its pretty good. It has a nice smoky taste to it. The buns are on point,” Hummel said. “I would definitely come again,” Hummel said.