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MHSNews | Skateport Plaza Offers Hangout Spot for All Ages
MHSNews | Skateport Plaza Offers Hangout Spot for All Ages
Angel DiSalvo, Staff Reporter • February 28, 2024

Skateport Plaza, located at 408 Weidman Rd, Manchester, MO 63011, has been running since 1991. It is a wonderful place for people of all ages...

MHSNews | Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Retrospective
MHSNews | Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Retrospective
Elliott Jorgensen and Harsh BainsFebruary 28, 2024

Elliott Jorgensen, Associate Producer and guest Harsh Bains discuss the 2005 film 'Final Fantasy VII Advent Children' after its 2024 re-release....

MHSNews | February Book Buzz: ‘Chaos Theory’
MHSNews | February Book Buzz: ‘Chaos Theory’
Jack Favazza, Executive Producer • February 23, 2024

In the February Book Buzz, Beth Collier, SSD teacher, talks with Brittany Sharitz, librarian, about "Chaos Theory" by Nic Stone. The book explores...

MHSNews | Inside The Seams Ep. 2: Jenna King
MHSNews | Inside The Seams Ep. 2: Jenna King
Lani Hines and Tessa AuteryFebruary 23, 2024

Second year Head Coach, Jenna King, dives in deeper with how she rose to become head coach of Marquette Girls Soccer. After leading her team...

MHSNews | Inside the Seams Ep. 1: John Meyer
MHSNews | Inside the Seams Ep. 1: John Meyer
Lani Hines and Elliott JorgensenFebruary 15, 2024

Coach John Meyer, member of the St. Louis and Missouri Coaching Hall of Fame, elaborates on "Inside The Seams" of the upcoming 2024 Marquette...

So Punny

Junior Wins 14th Annual Pun Contest
Media by Annabelle Miller
Stephan Bonsjak, junior, celebrates as Freshman Principal Dr. Rick Regina annouces him as the winner of the 14th Annual Pun Contest.

Stephan Bosnjak, junior, won the 14th Annual Pun Contest on Thursday, Jan. 25, during Ac Lab. This was Bosnjak’s first time competing in the competition. 

“I’m feeling ecstatic, electric, every word that starts with E,” Bosnjak said after the contest. 

There were eight contestants this year. Bosnjak, along with Teju Sundaresan, sophomore; Ankush Vasireddy, senior; and Joshua Li, senior, made it to the finals. Jason Zhao, senior, won Best Pun with “Don’t hate the playa, hate the game” during the beach spring break trip prompt.

Teachers from a variety of departments judged the contest, which was held during Mod 1 of Ac Lab on Thursday, Jan. 25, in the theater. (Media by Annabelle Miller)

Bosnjak said the competition was tough, but he had a winner’s mentality that carried him through. 

“It’s all about volume,” Bosnjak said. “You just throw something out there, and you might get one judge on your side. That’s the key.”

Although winning was the highlight of the competition for him, Bosnjak said he did it all for the audience. 

“I love the cheers,” Bosnjak said. “I love hearing my friends in the crowd cheering me on. That’s what really got me through this competition.” 

Scott Szevery, social studies teacher, founded the Pun Contest in 2009 with Freshman Principal Dr. Rick Regina and Micheal Ebert, language arts teacher. Szevery said the contest came about because of the punny responses between the staff on emails.

“It was just us being young and fun and trying to amuse ourselves,” Szevery said.

The teachers involved students, and the contest has been an MHS tradition ever since. Over the last 13 pun contests, Szevery said he has always enjoyed the style and energy the students bring to the competition. 

“Anybody can recite a joke,” Szevery said. “It’s the way you tell it that matters.”

Szevery said the audience is also a major part of the contest. The audience will cheer or groan for each pun, and the judges often base their decisions on audience reaction. 

“I just love seeing these kids take a chance on being a contestant and then feeling the warmth of the audience,” Szevery said. 

The audience cheered on the contestant with signs showing their approval or disapproval of the puns. (Media by Annabelle Miller)

Zhao has participated in the contest since his sophomore year and agrees that the audience is a key part of the contest.

“The audience always makes the puns a lot better, especially when they’re bad,” Zhao said.

 Zhao signed up for the contest with his friends, which he said made the competition more friendly and supportive. 

“We always compete together, so I think it’s a pretty fun environment,” Zhao said.

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