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MHSNews | Marvel Spider-Man 2 Review
MHSNews | Marvel Spider-Man 2 Review
Elliott Jorgensen and Alex McAteerNovember 27, 2023

Elliott Jorgensen, Associate Producer, sits down with Alex Mcateer, Social Studies teacher, sit down and review the newest Spider-Man game. They...

MHSNews asks staff and students around MHS if they could go anywhere for Thanksgiving where would they go and why?
Ask MHS: Where Would You Travel for Thanksgiving?
Nia Dailey, Reporter • November 21, 2023

While travel ramps up around the holidays, not everyone gets to go anywhere they want to go. MHSNews asks staff and students around MHS if they...

MHSNews demonstrates how to make a Thanksgiving Turkey Treat using leftover candy corn and a few other simple ingredients.
MHSNews | How to Make Thanksgiving Turkey Treats
Sophia Dominicis, Ila Hudson, and Gwyn MathusNovember 21, 2023

MHSNews demonstrates how to make a Thanksgiving Turkey Treat using leftover candy corn and a few other simple ingredients.

The cast of Footloose rehearse.
MTC Adds New Show: 'Footloose'
Justin Small and Aiden BurkhardtNovember 21, 2023

Marquette Theater Company’s production of “Footloose,” based on the 1984 movie of the same title, will debut Thursday, Dec. 7, and run...

MHSNews | November Book Buzz: The Wishing Game
MHSNews | November Book Buzz: 'The Wishing Game'
Jack Favazza, Executive Producer • November 21, 2023

In the November Book Buzz, Kara Zonies, math teacher, talks with Raymond Holmes, librarian, about "The Wishing Game" by Meg Shaffer. The book...

Students Participate in Shoe Culture

Sneakerhead: Noun. A person who regularly collects and trades shoes
Media by Angel DiSalvo
Frederick McCullough II, senior, showcases his favorite pair of Nike sneakers: Air Jordan 1 High OG “Rebellionaire” in Tropical Twist. This show was first seen in 1985.

Since Frederick McCullough II, senior, was in middle school, he yearned to have one thing: a diverse shoe collection.

“I didn’t like looking at a whole bunch of the same shoes on the shelf,” McCullough II said. 

Once he entered high school and began to work at Shoe MGK, McCullough II began to buy shoes more frequently and eventually started to collect them as a hobby. His job also allowed him to help people who are interested in finding the latest pairs of shoes.

“I started getting three to four pairs of different types of Jordans, Vans, Air Forces, and a lot of other things,” McCullough II said.

McCullough II describes himself as a sneakerhead, a person who regularly collects and trades different types of shoes.

Sneakerheads gained prominence in the ‘70s and ‘80s as shoes endorsed by hip-hop groups and athletes became increasingly popular. As the years progressed, collecting shoes became its own subculture and many people across different communities began to participate. 

Gwenith Hoffman, junior wears one of her favorite sneakers: Nike Air Max in beige. (Media by Sophia Dominicis)

Gwenith Hoffman, junior, primarily collects popular shoes that are endorsed by celebrities.

“Just seeing rappers and celebrities wear nice shoes gets me into it,” Hoffman said.

While many sneakerheads tend to trade their collected shoes for money, Hoffman said she mostly does it to pass her free time.

“There’s some that have resale value, but I honestly do it for fun,” Hoffman said.

Jackson Warden, junior, has collected 15 different pairs of shoes, primarily a variety of Air Jordans. However, Warden said he rarely picks shoes based on what happens to be trending at the time.

Jackson Warden, junior, shows off his Nike Blazers. (Media by Justin Small)

“Just get the shoes that you like, not because of what other people say,” Warden said.

Warden says it allows him to diversify his outfit based on where he is going.

“I just like the feeling of pulling up to a place with a pair that matches the whole outfit really well,” Warden said. “It’s always nice when they turn people’s heads.”

However, collecting shoes means something different to Harsh Bains, senior, who uses a wheelchair to move around. Bains began partaking in the culture over the summer as a hobby, and said he has always been interested in collecting shoes despite not using them.

Harsh Bains, senior, showcases his favorite pair of sneakers: Asics Gel in dual-tone yellow and orange. (Media by Elliott Jorgensen)

“Because I don’t use them that much, their longevity is much longer than they would be for someone who actually uses them on a regular basis,” Bains said.

Bains said he believes some of his shoes could also have good resale value.

“Because I collect them but don’t really use them, I can just keep them tucked away until someone needs them,” Bains said.

Bains’s favorite brands to buy are Converses, specifically ones endorsed by his favorite artist, Tyler, the Creator. He also enjoys collecting New Balances.

McCullough II said that his favorite part of being a sneakerhead is noticing how everyone has their own style.

“No sneakerhead will have the exact same pairs,” McCullough II said. “If you saw my collection, you’d see that mine are different from other people’s.”

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Justin Small, Page Designer
Justin Small, junior, is the Page Designer for the Marquette Messenger. This will be his second year on staff. He is a part of the Marquette Academic and Cultural Club and participates in track and field in the spring.
Elliott Jorgensen, Associate Producer/Production Editor
Elliott Jorgensen, Senior, is the Associate Producer for MHSNews and Production Editor for The Messenger. He enjoys going to theme parks, going on bike rides, and creating video content. He is the publicity lead for the MHS Theatre Company and participates in the politics club.
Sophia Dominicis, Social Media Editor
Sophia Dominicis, senior, is a Staff Reporter and Social Media Editor for MHS News. Sophia enjoys covering the stories of students that go to Marquette, as well as local current events. In her free time she enjoys participating in theater, being on the mock trial team, writing, and traveling.

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