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Trisha Katzfey

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Trisha Katzfey

Q: What would you like students to know about you?

“My husband and I moved to Eureka almost ten years ago after I was transferred to Jefferson Barracks from Springfield, MO. We have 3 children: Addyson (11), Alyvia (8) and Isaiah (6). I have been serving our country and the state of Missouri for 23 years in the Missouri Army National Guard, almost 20 active duty with three overseas deployments. Service is my calling, and now I want to serve where it matters most: our children. We need leadership on the board that reflects the values of the parents and taxpayers in Rockwood. I stepped up to be a voice for parents who were frustrated by the COVID policies. I will be a fiscally responsible representative for the taxpayers. You can count on me to be a positive role model while serving as a Director.”


Q: What are your goals for the BOE?

“1) Academics: We need to refocus solely on academics. The push for social-emotional growth for students has come at the expense of the fundamentals and the core curriculum, especially for our lowest-performing students who need the most help with the basics.

2) Transparency: We must have a Parents First Approach when students encounter conflict, controversy and challenges. We do not want children to have one set of rules at school that do not match the same set of rules the parents set at home. We do not need cameras in the classroom; we trust our professional educators. 

3) Remove Politics from the schools: Classrooms should be focused on the fundamentals of education (memorization, test taking, study habits, etc), not political agendas (surveys, sexually explicit content, politically divisive news of the day).”


Q: What policies will you advocate for?

“My goal is to evaluate all policies when elected. I want to ensure the district is prioritizing their focus, and money, in the appropriate places. Once I’m elected, I’ll be able to give a more specific answer; but overall, I will advocate for the policies that ensure your safety and your success.”


Q: How important are student voices in education?

“All of this is for you, the students, your voices are extremely important. Your voices are the ones who can give us direct and honest feedback. I have said from the beginning I want to be your voice, as well as parents, educators and stakeholders.”


Q: How important are parent voices in education?

“No one knows what is best for the students than their parents. This mama bear will come out if someone tells me what is best for mine. Parents’ voices should be heard and respected. We saw during COVID where the district asked parents about returning to in-person learning. The district ignored them. They know what’s best!”


Q: How important are staff (teachers, admin) voices in education?

“They are extremely important. They’re in there with our children. They are there to teach and care for our children. When I say teach, I mean the basics (reading, writing, math, etc). Everything else should not be brought into the classroom. Like the children, they are there to give us direct, honest feedback, and should not worry about retaliation. They too should feel safe.”

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