Gollwitzer to accept scholarship to Akron

After dozens of practices and rounds, all the dedication finally paid off. After hours of focus and precision, the goal has finally been realized. Zach Gollwitzer, senior, plans to accept a full ride to the University of Akron to play golf.

“I just knew it was something I would be interested in,” Gollwitzer said. “I began to play, and eventually it became my passion.”

While he received offers from other schools, Akron had what he was looking for: a great home course, a nice campus and a mechanical engineering degree.

As a junior, Gollwitzer won the Webster Cup, a local tournament held among the area’s best prep golfers.

Carr Vernon, freshman at Akron, was the first to notice Gollwitzer.

“I remember playing with Zach in a high school tournament my senior year,” Vernon said. “He played great. He had a consistent swing, which largely contributed to his success.”

Vernon pointed him out to Dan Trainor, head golf coach at Akron, who eventually came to make the offer to Gollwitzer. Trainor declined to comment, as Gollwitzer will not officially sign until mid-November.

Eric Schweain, head golf coach, said Gollwitzer will do very well at Akron, as he possesses many of the qualities of a successful athlete.

“Zach is able to think through a round, and that’s probably the most important part of the game.” Schweain said.

Gollwitzer isn’t limiting his ambitions to college; he said he would eventually like to tour.

“I will have a more clear idea by the time I get to senior year [of college],” Gollwitzer said, “but I would like to eventually do some mini-tours, and work my way up to the PGA.”