Humans of MHS- Alex Nelle, Social Studies Teacher

“When I started at Marquette, I started Key Club, which became the largest organization we have here at Marquette and we did a lot of community service through that. We probably did about 1,000 hours a year. Then when the community service class opened up, they gave it to me. I want the kids to go out and do stuff and I want them to learn about different organizations and actually try to make a difference. The students do three days of tutoring at Kehrs Mill and Westridge Elementary schools. There, they are working with anybody from kindergarten to fifth grade.They also run different projects throughout the year. In the fall, we run the blood drive and in the spring we make the college boards. Their favorite thing tends to be working with the little kids because they get to leave campus in the middle of the day so it’s a nice little break. It’s pretty low-key and fun and they get to teach little kids and experience that moment of ‘Oh I understand now’,”

Alex Nelle, social studies teacher, said.

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