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Political interests translate into campaigning

Some students here at MHS are planning on volunteering and interning with a state campaign. In the Rockwood School District, there is a program called Project Interface, which is a unique, unpaid internship opportunity that places students in a specific career area and is offered to qualified seniors in the Rockwood School District.

Students Morgan Noll, junior, Drew Roley, senior, and Rachel Hartman, junior, are involved in this program.

Noll said she is going to help with Paul Curtman, Independent State Representative for 150th district, because over the summer she went to a rally and a stimulation debate he was involved in and liked his beliefs.

“I’m so excited to work for him because he is firm in what he believes in as a Republican and is not afraid to bring in new ideas.” Noll said.

Some jobs and responsibilities Noll will have to do while interning is make phone calls, go door to door, and some computer work. Noll said she has made phone calls for campaigns before, but never fully committed to a whole campaign like she will this summer.

Eva Johnston, government teacher, said students get involved for various reasons. For example, maybe the candidate is a neighbor, friend of the family from church, or relative. Students get involved with candidates who inspire them and because they want a job in government.

“Volunteering is a great way to meet other people who care about similar issues and make lifelong friends.” Johnston said, “I have known people who have volunteered for candidates and gained tremendous respect for the way the candidate treated others and conducted himself and also the exact polar opposite.”

Hartman is planning on helping on the campaign for whoever wins the GOP nomination. GOP stands for Grand Old Party, which is a nickname for the Republican Party.

“I will campaign because I care about the country and am interested in politics,” Hartman said. “My favorite candidate is Ron Paul.”

Roley is working on Ann Wagner’s campaign for congress, and recently volunteered with a presidential campaign until the candidate dropped out. Roley said he did things like handed out flyers, made phone calls and have made many post cards for Ann Wagner that he has memorized.

This is one of the post cards.

“We need candidates who can fight for our future, so please join me and a lot of other young Republicans in the area to support Ann Wagner!” Roley said.

Roley, Hartman and Noll said they love helping with the campaigns.

“People should be more involved even if all you do is legitimately become informed about all candidates it would help.” Roley said, “If you are interested in volunteering in any way, go on the candidate’s website and e-mail or meet with a campaign employee or volunteer to express your interest.”