Tik Tok Trending Baked Feta Pasta Review

March 24, 2021

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  • The baked feta pasta recipe went viral on Tik Tok for its simplicity and taste, and you can make the recipe yourself by following these few steps.

  • Add cherry tomatoes, olive oil, and pepper to a baking dish.

  • Place a block of feta cheese directly in the middle of the tomatoes and add an additional light covering of olive oil and pepper. Place the dish in the oven.

  • After removing the dish from the oven, mix the feta cheese and tomatoes together to create the sauce, then add minced garlic, fresh basil, and other seasonings of choice, such as oregano. Mix the cooked pasta in the sauce. The baked feta pasta is complete!

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I find it difficult to scroll through my Tik Tok feed without giving into the temptation of trying one of the delicious food trends, so I decided to take on the newest craze: baked feta pasta. 

As I was purchasing the ingredients, which include cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, olive oil, basil and a pasta of choice, I realized how little the recipe called for in order to make the delicious dish. Mixing the ingredients together was a simple process as well, and anyone, with little cooking experience, could successfully prepare this pasta.

The preparation took less time than the actual cooking. I started with pouring the cherry tomatoes in a baking dish, drizzling olive oil and adding a bit of salt and pepper seasoning. 

After mixing the tomatoes into the olive oil, I added a block of feta cheese in the middle surrounded by the tomatoes. Then I added a small covering of olive oil and pepper, and the dish was prepared to go into the oven. 

While I prepared the tomatoes, my pasta of choice, rigatoni, boiled.

After opening the oven, the scent of seasoned tomatoes immediately filled the room. The feta cheese was baked to a soft texture in order to smoothly mix into a sauce. The recipe then calls for additional seasoning of basil, oregano and garlic to add to the sauce.

I decided to smash my tomatoes into the mix instead of keeping them whole, which added an extra punch of flavor. Then, I added the cooked pasta into the base sauce.

Finally, the moment arrived to serve myself a portion of my final product. It was difficult to ruin the eye-pleasing visual of the pasta, scattered with colorful red tomatoes and a hint of green basil.

My first bite underwhelmed me a bit, as I was expecting a powerful reaction, but the simple taste was effective. The pasta, lightly covered in the tomato and feta mix, provided a savory flavor.

The perfect bite consisted of the creamiest forkful of pasta, a seasoned tomato and a pinch more pepper and basil, which satisfied my craving for this pasta immediately.

When I prepare this dish in the future, I will use fresh basil instead of dried as it would make the flavor more powerful and delicious. 

I recommend trying this trend yourself. Knowing that you can pull out your inner chef talents to create a delicious and simple product is a high reward.

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