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As MHS progresses into 2021, the Messenger identifies various resolutions that can be carried into the new year. The following changes are benefactors to your overall health and wellness in this week’s list of Friday Fives.

Friday Fives: New Year’s Resolutions

As MHS progresses into 2021, the Messenger identifies various resolutions that can be carried into the new year. The following changes are benefactors to your overall health and wellness in this week’s list of Friday Fives.


Eating Cleaner

Vegan, paleo, low-carb vegetarian…the list can go on. Fad diets may seem imposing, but, by being realistic with yourself, setting cleaner eating habits will last the duration of your 2021.

Start small this year by reducing your snacking. The easiest strategy used to cut snacking is simple. Three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner.  By getting yourself acclimated to this routine, your cravings will ease. 

Take the meal plan another step by eating home cooked meals. By making your own meals, you can adjust your ingredients to suit your health needs. 

Want a burger? Use leaner, equally as satisfying proteins, such as turkey or vegan options. Got a hankering for a juicy steak? Cut off excess fat and add seasonings and marinades to add a more flavorful taste. The possibilities are endless. You’ll save some cash too! 


Talking to new people

2020 was a year of safety and seclusion. As we transition back into normalcy this year, talk about your experiences. A positive from the previous year of hardships is the unity that resulted. Today, everyone finds themselves in a position of revitalization with ambitions of starting fresh. Why not talk to someone new? Go out of your way to meet people. Learn their stories and grow. 2021 will be a year of globalization that you won’t want to miss out on.

Scheduling Your Sleep

The average teen gets between 7 and 7.25 hours of sleep a night, according to Nationwide Childrens. That’s two hours less than their suggested amount. Because of sleep deprivation, many teens experience changes in cognitive ability and academic performance resulting from mood and behavior swings. 

Sleep is essential. 

In 2021, replace any previous lethargy with the energy and drive needed for success. Start by counting your hours. Know when you have to wake up, so you can determine your “bed time” accordingly. 

Then, when it is “bed time,” create a sleeping environment that suits you. It could be a dark room, stuffed animals, blankets, night lights, soothing sounds or a myriad of other sleep aids. 

The third and most essential piece to getting your rest in 2021, is separating yourself from your phone or electronic device. By doing so, you will remove yourself from constant social media updates and messages that can wait until morning. Place your phone across the room, forcing you to get up and turn off your alarm. This will help you wake in the morning as well as minimize distractions when trying to sleep. 

Ultimately, with more sleep, rejuvenation is possible. Don’t hit the snooze button. Make 2021 your year.


Listening to podcasts

Podcasts are a growing form of cathartic entertainment. Educate yourself on wealth management with NPR’s Planet Money. Get worldwide news coverage from BBC’s Global News Podcast. Regardless of your interests, there are podcasts available at your disposal. Hone in on your passions and educate yourself on topics that experts around the globe have studied. 

The easiest way to incorporate podcasts into your daily routine is by turning it on while engaging in another activity. Driving to work. Doing chores. Relaxing.These are all times when you can switch on a podcast and start listening. So turn one on and learn something new in 2021.



There are innumerable forms of reading available in 2021. There’s the classic, reading your typical novel. Fiction or nonfiction, there’s always something available for you. Start browsing the bestsellers or, better yet, the paperbacks present at your local library. 

Not into books? Read an article, an infographic, anything that might have relevance to you. With the digital age, news publications, blogs, magazines and even sports statistics are all unique ways you can stimulate your mind. Get creative. It doesn’t have to be the most intelligible piece. Just something to make your 2021 worth while.

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