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This illustration features every candy that was ranked in order from best to worst Halloween Candy.

Friday Fives: Best Halloween Candy

These candies have been ranked based off of data that Mental found and compiled in their article titled “The 10 Best—and the 10 Worst—Halloween Candies”.

1. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups 

These chocolate covered peanut-butter cups take first place on the list of the most popular Halloween candies, and for good reason. The chocolate sweetness mixed with the saltiness of the peanut butter creates a perfect combination. They are priced at about $14.99 for a one pound bag from Walmart and $3.59 for a 10.2 ounce bag from Target.  

2. Snickers

Snickers have been deemed the runner up of the most popular Halloween candies. This candy contains caramel and peanuts wrapped in a layer of chocolate. You can buy a 20.77 ounce fun size bag for $5.99 from Walgreens or $5.94 for a 10.59 ounce bag. 

3. Twix

Twix lands right in the middle of the list. Continuing the theme of chocolate covered things, Twix contains cookie bits and caramel inside it’s chocolate covering. You can purchase a 10.83 ounce fun size bag for $3.59 from Target and $5.62 for a 22.34 ounce bag from Walmart.

4. Kit Kat 

These chocolate covered wafers sit at second to last, but still, they’ve made it on the list. Kit Kats can be found for $4.99 for an 8 ounce bag from Walgreens and for $2.98 for a 10 ounce bag from Walmart. 

5. M&Ms

M&Ms are at the end of the most popular Halloween candies list.  These candies flip the theme of chocolate covered candies. They have a hard candy shell that covers their chocolate inside. You can buy these for $9.99 for a 38 ounce bag from CVS and for $3.59 for a 10.53 ounce bag from Target.

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