MHSNews 18-19 | Episode 3

Kindness and Culture

MHSNews shares glimpses of certain school communities and cultures, as well as acts of kindness.
Stories this episode-

“School Skating Culture”- Jackson Estwanick, executive producer, interviews a group of skaters and captures their skills.

“Faculty Increases Cultural Awareness”- Lexie Diekroeger, staff reporter, stood in on a panel of students presenting to faculty members about cultural awareness in the MHS community.

“The Gift of Giving”- Jackson Estwanick, executive producer, features Carole Splater, coordinator of Charity Sharity, a group that donates fabric to clients who sew items to donate to those in need. Splater taught the Fashion One classes how to make baby blankets for donation.

“Who is Ms. Monique?”- Shon Sayfuddinov, staff reporter, features a beloved member of the MHS community, Monique Johnson.