Track Review: “Too Many Chances”

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An unreleased Travis Scott song called “Too Many Chances” just leaked.

Travis has been a prominent figure in the world of hip-hop for a relatively short amount of time, but he’s already made a huge impression on me and has quickly become one of my favorite artists, largely due to his production abilities.

The way he approaches production is absolutely beautiful. He creates lush soundscapes with walls upon walls of eerie synths, bringing a cinematic, artsy edge to the more poppy sounds of Atlanta trap. He’ll even occasionally mix in a variety of instruments not normally associated with hip-hop as well, like the dreamy piano lines on “90210,” and the triumphant strings at the end of “Way Back.”

While it’s blatantly derived from 808s-era Kanye and Kid Cudi, Travis’ sound nevertheless feels fresh thanks to the fact that it stays true to his Southern roots. Think of the dirty trap stylings of an artist like Juicy J. Now imagine that sound if it were gorgeous and intoxicating. That’s pretty much the Travis Scott formula.

This newly leaked track is something a little different though. It combines the aforementioned art-trap sound with a bit more of a boom-bap influence. The track is heavily built on a soul sample, reminiscent of Kanye’s early style of production.

Additionally, Travis is a little more lyrical than usual. While he doesn’t say anything totally substantial, nor does he stray from his usual subject matter (i.e. the dark side of fame and the price of his lifestyle of debauchery), he does experiment a little bit with internal rhyme and he utilizes a punchier flow than usual.

This track is just a leak however, so it obviously still feels a little rough and unfinished. But it’s pretty solid for what it is at the moment.

It also gives me hope for Travis’ upcoming “Astroworld” project. His previous album, “Birds In the Trap Sing McKnight,” was pretty disappointing in that he seemed to be playing it safe and sticking a little too close to a more traditional trap sound.

In fact, for the past year I’ve been fearful that he would never experiment and push boundaries again. But if songs like this one are going to be on “Astroworld” (which still does not have a set release date), then I’m definitely looking forward to it.