Mr. Mustang Nominations: Mr. Newspaper

Photographed by Brittany Freeman

Name: Alec Baris

Grade: Senior

Who nominated you?: “Mrs. Jorgensen, and I kind of volunteered”

Why were you nominated?: “I just have that ‘it’. That ‘it’ is something that you can’t talk about if you don’t have the ‘i’t. It’s just that special thing you need.”

Class/club: Newspaper

Cool fact about the class: “The room hasn’t been cleaned in over four years.” “We get to write about what we want and we inform the school about what’s important.”

What should people expect from your performance: “The three L’s: lots of laugh, lots of love, and lots of life.”

Why should people come watch Mr. Mustang?: “Because it is a fun event, you are donating for a good cause, and I will be bringing it.”