A Club’s Beginnings: African American Studies Club

Abigail Gawart, Photo Editor

Being home to over 40 clubs, MHS students are involved in a menagerie of activities and organizations, from FCA to fishing club.

However, few clubs are geared toward the study of history and culture.

In order to further cultural understanding, Sydney Munden, sophomore, has plans to establish an African American Studies club.

“We really want to incorporate African American studies into Marquette so we’re going to study the culture and famous historical figures of history,” Munden said. “We want to widen the variety and the diversity at Marquette.”

“Hopefully we will be able to teach students new things and change their perspective,” Munden said.” We are contacting North Carolina State, and we are going to try and work with them to get some ideas on activities and things we should do.”

Although the club’s content is focused on the African American culture, the club is open to any member of the student body.

“We don’t plan on it being a very big club, but we hope to have about 30 consistent members,” Munden said.

The club plans to meet twice a week each month and gear each meeting towards varying educational activities and topics.

“Sometimes the history museum has a segment on famous African American historical figures and so we might take a field trip on a Saturday and go check that out,” Munden said.

More information on club membership should begin to circulate in the new semester.