Student Spotlight: Evgeniy Shomin

Abigail Gawart, Staff Reporter

Ever since his parents brought him to the rink at the age of 4, Evgeniy Shomin, sophomore, has learned to love and play the game of hockey. After moving here from Russia for education, Shomin continued to keep a strong interest in the game.


“I like the speed, the action, the fights; I just love hockey,” said Shomin.


This season, Shomin plays for a very prestigious team, the St. Louis select C16, which require strenuous practice schedules and a need for persistence.


“I have four practices a week and I also work out by myself. Every month we go into the showcase and we have five or six games there,” said Shomin. “You have to motivate yourself to keep practicing, even when somebody else is hanging out, and that’s the hardest part.


Even with eleven years of experience, Shomin still constantly works to improve his playing abilities.


“You cannot loose the game mentally. You can never think about loosing, you have to think about winning every time,” said Shomin. “Even if you loose, you have to believe that you are better.”


Through the years, Shomin’s parents have tried their best to encourage him through it all.

“My dad has trained me for all my life and he’s kind of been my second coach,” said Shomin. “My grandma and my mom are always supporting me when I have tough decisions to make and injuries. They always keep me up and help me.”


With big dreams to go professional, Shomin’s work ethic and determination must be top notch.

“I want to play NHL, but I’ll have to work hard to reach the goal,” said Shomin.