Flag Football or Powderpuff?


Media by Jacob Robinson

Aubrey Adams (left) helps glue down rhinestones on fellow seniors Keelie Dwyer’s (right) jersey in preparation for the game tonight.

The yearly tradition of powderpuff will continue at 7:30 p.m. tonight but with a slight change: instead of being called Powderpuff, administration changed the name to flag football.

The administration thought the name change would give the women who play more respect. With the name powderpuff, students weren’t taking the game seriously.

Principal Dr. Hankins views powderpuff as a real football game. Along with other administrators, he vouched for the name change.

“The women that are playing are serious athletes and it is a serious game,” Dr. Hankins said.

Flag football is a highly competitive Homecoming event each year as the seniors and juniors compete for the winning title.

More than 90 senior women will be participating in the game this evening. An even higher number will be on the sidelines showing school spirit.

Tyler Glover, senior, will be supporting her friends who are playing.

“I’m not big on football, but I think it is important to participate in all I can during my last year at Marquette,” Glover said.

The women that are playing are serious athletes and it is a serious game

— Dr.Steve Hankins

Alongside Senior Principal Dr. Rick Regina, Coach Jacob Dieffenbach and Laurie Schultz took on the coaching of the senior women. They met for practice four times, but students were only required to attend two practices in order to play in the game.

On the opposing team, there will be about 70 juniors playing. Junior women were coached by Junior Principal Amy Sturges as well as Coach Derek Hoffman. 

Charlotte Manning, junior, will be playing in the game alongside her friends.

“ I decided to play because I thought it would be a fun and different experience with my friends,” Manning said.