Varsity Softball Plays Parkway South in Upcoming District Competition


Media by Jackson Estwanick

Mackenzie Gareau, senior, throws a softball at practice.

When the varsity softball team walks onto the field  Thursday, the outcome of the game will determine if they will continue their season. MHS varsity softball will play at home against Parkway South Thursday, October 17 at 4:30.

The varsity softball team is seeded second in their District, meaning they are ranked second in the season.  Because of their placement, the team gets to bypass the first District tournament game. The winner of District finals will determine the district champion.

Adam Starling, head varsity softball coach, has worked with the team to prepare for district competition using strategy and team bonding. During the season, Starling lead the team to a 15-12 record. 

Despite their successful record, the team faced struggles throughout the season due to  the large number of players who graduated the previous year, forcing younger players to fill those positions. 

“When you have younger players taking over, there’s some growing pains,” Starling said. “The goal is to peak at the end of the season.”

In addition, the team has also suffered from several different injuries throughout the season. Katie Weiss, senior, was one of the students to receive an injury during the season. Weiss was diagnosed with a concussion. 

“Everyone’s back and healthy and we’re ready to make a playoff push,” Starling said.

My last game could be any of these last games.”

— Mackenzie Gareau

Second base Mackenzie Gareau, senior, has been with softball program for the past three years and has more experience in post-season play than most players on the team.

“I have been through Districts for three years, so I’m excited,” Gareau said. 

Gareau said the team will be prepared for districts both on the offensive and defensive ends because they’re familiar with Parkway South’s strategies.

Although the upcoming game is the peak of the softball season, Gareau feels nostalgic. 

“I’m weary because it’s my senior year and my last game could be any of these last games,” Gareau said.