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Marquette Defeats Lafayette 27-20 in Annual Border War

Greg Svirnovskiy, News Editor

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The Mustangs defeated the Lafayette Lancers 27-20 in the annual Border War game.

Quarterback Kyler Bayless, senior, completed two touchdown passes as the Mustangs won for the second consecutive game following a 33-0 victory against the Oakville Tigers last week.

“It’s a huge win for us,” Bayless said. “The school, the fans, and all the players deserved it. It’s been six years since we last won against them and we knew we could do it tonight.”

Bayless credited the team’s work ethic for allowing them to get the job done against Lafayette.

“We were sloppy at times but we made up for it,” Bayless said. “We came out and tried our best and got the win.”

The Mustangs bounced back from a 14-7 deficit at halftime, scoring two touchdowns to take the game over in the fourth quarter.

Matt Klein, varsity football coach, said the team’s competitive drive and work ethic allowed allowed them to mount a comeback late in the game.

“These kids did a great job stepping in and playing at a high level,” Klein said. “There were a couple of opportunities where the game could have gotten away from us. It’s a great compliment to our kids to not get negative, stay together, and find a way to make the next play.”

Klein said the fans, particularly those from the MHS Stang Gang, were instrumental in providing energy that the team fed off of throughout the game.

“It was a great crowd, Klein said. “Obviously at the end of the game it’s cool to see our fan section run onto the field with all that pride. It was a great school wide win and really cool for all of our kids here.”

Jake Venegoni, junior, is a member of Stang Gang. Venegoni said that he felt the fans could have exerted more energy throughout the game.

“ It’s fun,” Venegoni said. “ I just wish stang gang was a little bit more hype like it was in the past. It had more energy and more power.”

Despite Stang Gang’s lack of “hype,” Venegoni said that he was thrilled with the colors that the fans displayed on their official Mustangs Color Out shirts.
“I love the shirts, the shirts are dope,” Venegoni said.

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Marquette Defeats Lafayette 27-20 in Annual Border War