Photo Gallery: Talent Show

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  • Andrew Messina, junior, performs “Mad World” by Gary Jules at the talent show September 19. Messina said he started playing guitar earlier this summer. “I had it for the longest time and I did lessons in eighth grade but I really wanted to get back into it,” Messina said.

  • Claire Schmitz, senior, sings and plays the ukulele for Post Malone’s “Circles.” “I like Post Malone as an artist and that song was really easy to play so I connected the two together,” Schmitz said.

  • Mayah Evans, senior, sings “How Deep is Your Love.” Evans said she was inspired to play the song recently after P.J. Morton won a Grammy for it. “ I always loved it so I just felt compelled to sing that song,” Evans said.

  • Sarah Henderson, sophomore, sings and plays guitar for Ed Sheeran’s “I See Fire.” She said she has been performing at talent shows ever since kindergarten. “I feel like talent shows allow everyone to showcase their own individual strengths,” Henderson said.

  • Izabel Cockrum, junior, sings “Work Song” by Hozier. She said she was partially inspired to start singing by her father. “My dad’s an artist, but not a musical artist, so I’ve just always had the fine arts around me and I’ve always loved them,” Cockrum said.

  • Paige Hanson, junior, sings “You Are the Reason” by Calum Scott. Along with this performance, Hanson sang with the Show Choir at the start of the show. “I’ve been performing on stage since I was three, so Show Choir was something I was waiting to do since I was little,” Hanson said. “Being able to act, sing and dance all at the same time was something that was perfect for me.”

  • Emma Naes, sophomore, plays and sings “Taxi Cab” by Twenty One Pilots. Naes said she started playing piano in sixth grade and decided to add singing to her performance to make it more interesting. “I thought it was kind of boring to just play the notes of the singing in the songs I liked,” Naes said. ”Singing it makes it a lot more personal and emotional.”

  • Bethany Riley, senior, plays “Blues Concerto” by Eugenie Rocherolle. Riley said she has been playing since second grade. “I begged my mother when I was five to play piano but she wouldn’t let me until I was in second grade and I’ve just loved it ever since,” Riley said. “Whenever I’m stressed, it’s something I can really use as an outlet.”

  • Ramond Tate, junior, dances to “DNA” by BTS. Tate said he has been dancing for 10 years, but just recently started dancing to K-pop songs. “I’m more of a hip-hop kind of guy so this was my first time trying something new,” Tate said.

  • Juniors Andrew Cromer, Julia Vo, and Ivy Williams and Senior Kate Pogue perform “It Don’t Mean a Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing)” to close the talent show.

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