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  • Paintings, photographs, ceramics and other works of art from 18 different AP Art Studio students are displayed in the Theater Lobby following the AP Art Show Reception Wednesday, March 27. Throughout the day teachers brought their classes down to see the art.

  • Upon entering the Theater Lobby, the first collections visitors see are ceramics and sculpture collections by seniors Ashley Freese and Kristen Gollwitzer. Freese’s collection, pictured, features ceramic hands, a cardboard ukulele and record player and a ceramic Bob Ross, which was created during her Ceramics I class.

  • A display board featuring senior Gavin Darnell’s artwork includes smaller pieces such as one of a static TV and one of a man with an octopus on his face.

  • Chloe Hendrikse, senior, displays a variety of pieces, including many focused on either nature or stories. “I get my inspiration from life in general,” Hendrikse said. “There isn’t a specific place that I find my ideas, I have to work to get my inspiration.”

  • One painting in senior Chloe Hendrikse’s collection is dedicated to Jennifer Snyder Dillon who is surviving tongue cancer. “I wanted to paint something for her, so I painted a girl fighting a dragon in the colors of oral cancer, which are maroon and ivory,” Hendrikse said.

  • Various pieces of people and animals are displayed on senior Olivia Holtkamp’s board. “My imagination just kind of goes crazy all the time, so it’s all just a mix-match of crazy ideas that I have that I want to put somewhere other than my mind,” Holtkamp said.

  • Alongside senior Olivia Holtkamp’s collection is a cow skull that had been painted on. Holtkamp said she received the skull from her uncle, who had it in his garage in Wisconsin.

  • Photographs taken with a phone camera, a fingerpainted orange and a flower made with calligraphy ink are all showcased on senior Angelica Santiago’s display. “I like to do a lot of artwork with different mediums,” Santiago said. “My concentration, the thing that connects all of the pieces, was vibrancy, but I guess you could also say nature.”

  • A variety of colors, mediums and degrees of realisticness lay on senior Megan Haenni’s display. “Anything I do is just fun. It’s sort of just, I wanted this color here so I put it there,” Haenni said. “I feel like it shows my mindset at the time of making it. Some have lots of bright happy colors and some are just dull and don’t have a lot of color.”

  • Part of Haenni’s collection includes a turtle sculpture made out of cardboard.

  • Senior Micaela Piacentino’s display focuses on photography, featuring pictures of people and animals, including a framed picture of a jaguar placed next to her display board.

  • Junior Nicholas Leblanc’s display focuses mostly on photographs from concerts as well as photographs of people and of buildings in Greece. “I basically do press for a teen magazine, and that’s how I’m able to get an invite to Taylor Swift shows, photograph Shawn Mendes, Halsey, Pharrell and all these other big acts,” Nicholas Leblanc said. “I like doing portraiture, and I’ve also started pushing myself to do pictures with non-human elements.”

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