Instagram’s Pronoun Feature Promotes Inclusivity


Media by Waha Siddiqui

The new feature allows for users to insert their pronouns in a designated area on their profile.

Instagram recently announced their latest feature, which allows users to insert their pronouns in a designated area on their profile. The feature permits up to four pronouns as of right now, and is inclusive of neopronouns, or pronouns that don’t express gender. 

I for one, am ecstatic about this update. 

Over the past year, I’ve seen a great amount of discourse over such a simple matter. Some argue pronouns should be displayed and not assumed, while others seem to think everyone should be addressed as what they may appear to be. 

To assume that everybody identifies with the gender they “look” like is detrimental for nonbinary people, transgender people and so many others who may find that to be uncomfortable. 

The movement to display one’s pronouns came about as a way to protect transgender individuals. If everyone has their pronouns in their profiles, then transgender people aren’t singled out. Not to mention that respecting someone’s pronouns is common courtesy. 

When the update first released, I rushed to put my pronouns in my Instagram bio, and I was thrilled to see the amount of people urging others to do the same. Normalizing such a simple act is a step toward inclusivity on the internet. 

Adding pronouns is also convenient. It shows followers what someone wants to be referred to as, and it allows users to not have to worry about being addressed any differently. 

Not only that, but putting pronouns in your bios creates a safe environment for people to express themselves, and others to respect that voice. It creates a sense of acceptance for all.

This feature is one of the best changes Instagram has implemented in ages, and I urge users to take advantage of it.