My Prom Outside of Prom


Media by Mason Kellerman

My friends and I plan to dress up and go to the park to have a nice dinner for Prom.

MHS’ Prom was originally exclusive to seniors; however, ticket sales have been opened up to the Junior Class as of Friday, April 16.

Prior to ticket sales opening to juniors, some students made outside plans in order to share in some of the traditional festivities. However, even after they have opened up, juniors, including me, have stuck with their former plans.

Preparation for Prom takes time, students order dresses and suits months in advance for fittings and tailoring. Additionally, dinner reservations often fill up at popular restaurants just as prom season starts. MHS gave only two weeks to juniors to change their plans.

Other school dances such as Homecoming possibly could have been successful delaying ticket sales, but Prom is a different story. There is a perceived higher sense of class compared to other school dances. Students get their hair done, spray tan and hire makeup artists just to take it off two hours later.

Although sitting a year out seems like poor school spirit; I think it’s nice. It gives students a more intimate moment to spend with their friends and not have to worry about the hassle to get to the dance and figure out rides.

My friends and I plan to dress up to take pictures at a local park and get a nice dinner. I’m glad we have an excuse to have a casual night amidst the normal partying.

Prom is an important high school experience, but there’s always next year. One Senior Prom night should make it that much more memorable when it comes around.