Diseases Everywhere

A flight attendant and mother of three was working on an international flight from New York to Israel this past March when she contracted measles. After an almost 11-hour flight, she was hospitalized because her brain began to swell, which put her into a coma. She died on Aug. 13 because of someone else’s beliefs. 

The whole movement is based on a bed of lies, and people aren’t able to realize it. The idea that vaccines cause autism traces back to a 1997 paper, but there has not been one true medical study confirming this myth. 

Twelve studies were conducted after the publication of the myth, none of which could find any proof of the claim. Later studies found that the investigation of the initial study was not conducted correctly, and was later repealed. 

Measles showed its dominance until 1960 when vaccines were introduced, leading to the declaration of the disease’s eradication in 2000. Currently, the world is fighting through a measles outbreak and the anti-vaccination movements are forcing the resurgence of dangerous diseases. 

People still refuse proved science as if it were a religious oath. People are ignorant with the failure to understand that their natural ways are killing people. They assume it is okay to do so until it’s their issue. 

There are eight vaccines that the Rockwood School District requires for attendance based on different grade levels, but two additional vaccines are usually included in the group of necessary “school shots.”

Supporters of Anti-Vaccination movement can be disproven with a simple Google search. Each vaccine is FDA tested and approved, so there should not be the resilience of what we are putting into our body, with the understanding that each vaccine is examined, studied and deconstructed to ensure, once again, for the safety of the public. 

If a larger amount of people decided to not vaccinate themselves or their children, they will be opening a bigger danger for viruses, diseases and bacteria to multiply and develop. Not all people are eligible to receive vaccines due to medical hindrances. We are harming people even if it’s not their choice to make. 

The government needs to take action and put out the fire that is the Anti-Vaccination campaign. Vaccines are necessary for the overall safety and prevention from diseases. Schools require that a record of vaccines are on file and up to date, so if schools, usually a government-funded institute, require you to be current on your vaccines, other government funded places such as post offices, license offices and parks should require you to be current on your vaccines. 

The mythical risk of autism is far less significant than the risk of death. 

We should require vaccines like we require registration to gain voting privileges, license, etc. It only takes one individual under the impression of incorrect information to cause another outbreak.