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“American Horror Stories” and other comedies gain attention on Netflix

Lindsay Selman, Staff Reporter

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“American Horror Story” and a variety of comedies are drawing the attention of MHS students on the Netflix movie and television web service according to recent interviews of MHS students when asked what the were watching on the popular service, how much time they spend on it, and some flaws they find with the service.

“I went through ‘American Horror Story,’ all of the seasons- in approximately five days,” Leeza Kabbendjian, freshman, said. “I spent practically the whole day in a routine of eat, sleep, Netflix.”

Students were excited about a wide variety of movies, such as “Mean Girls”, “Wolf of Wall Street”, and “Silver Linings Playbook” in addition to new seasons of “Friends” and “Orange is the New Black.”

“With Silver Linings Playbook and Wolf of Wall Street, both of those are two movies I never got to see before and I was excited that they would be on Netflix.” Maggie Chismarich, freshman, said. “For Mean Girls it was a movie I used to watch when I was younger with my friends and its fun for us to watch it again because we can quote it a lot and its just inside jokes with me and my friends.”

Although many students were satisfied with Netflix and it’s shows, some students still found room for improvement. One was to see  lighter, funnier content added to Netflix such as cartoons like “Spongebob.”

“It brings back alot of memories, especially when me and my brothers used to watch it every saturday morning just sitting on the couch and watch cartoons for hours,” Kate Hollandar, junior, said. “There is a lot of immature jokes, which of course at the time were funny, and they still sometimes are. You don’t get some of the jokes at first, but then you get them later.”

When asked how they find what’s new and popular on Netflix, McCrone and Chismarich use BuzzFeed’s suggestions. But for Rosenblum, she uses Netflix’s ‘Recently Added’ page for new shows and Movies.

Jordyn McCrone, freshman, commented that she would like to see Netflix keep their shows longer. By the time McCrone found the time to watch her movies on Netflix, they had already been taken down.

Chismarich  nodded  her head, agreeing with McCrone. “They get rid of movies after they had them on there for a while, and I don’t like that,” Chismarich said.


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“American Horror Stories” and other comedies gain attention on Netflix