Students, Staff Reflect On Annual Blood Drive


Media by Parker Brandt

Students and staff participated in MHS’ annual blood drive this past Monday. Located in our gym, donors were able to request a specific appointment time that coincided with their schedules.

Key Club hosted its annual blood drive on Monday, Sept. 12, in collaboration with Impact Life, a nonprofit blood center. 

Emily Bowdern, art teacher, has given blood every year that they’ve offered it, and said it’s a good way to volunteer and make an impact without needing to commit hours of time. 

“It feels like it would be selfish if I didn’t do it,” Bowdern said. “It’s just an easy way to give back.” 

Priya Leckliter, senior, said the process of giving blood went smoothly. Leckliter gives blood because she wants to help people in as many ways as possible. 

“There’s always a shortage, and I have perfectly good blood to give,” Leckliter said. 

She said it’s an easy way to support people in her community and, in Leckliter’s case, an unashamed way to earn community service hours. 

Soren Roeseler, junior, said the blood drive was a success for him personally. 

It feels like it would be selfish if I didn’t do it. ”

— Emily Bowdern

“I really did it because I figured it would be something good to do for other people, and it doesn’t really harm me,” Roeseler said. 

He said the only drawback was the size of the needles, which scared him, but the benefits outweighed the costs. 

Nour Elbeshbeshy, junior, on the other hand, had a much different experience during the blood drive. 

“They told me I hadn’t eaten enough,” Elbeshbeshy said. “They gave me snacks and juice and then began the procedure, but I started feeling super nauseous and lightheaded.” 

Elbeshbeshy unfortunately became ill and threw up, but continued the procedure once her levels returned to normal. 

Because she had gotten sick, the volunteers made her stay an extra 15 minutes to make sure she was alright, but was able to return to class as normal. 

Later, during her fifth hour, she felt faint and lightheaded again, so she went to the nurse until she felt better. 

“Even though it didn’t go as planned, I’d do it again,” Elbeshbeshy said. “It’s the right thing to do.”