RSD announces Dr. Curtis Cain as new superintendent


Media by Dr. Curtis Cain

RSD has announced Dr. Curtis Cain as the new superintendent, effective July 1, 2022. Dr. Cain was unanimously chosen by the RSD Board of Education (BOE) and currently serves as the superintendent of the Wentzville School District.

After a year-long search, the RSD Board of Education (BOE) unanimously selected Dr. Curtis Cain as the district’s new superintendent effective July 1, 2022. 

Dr. Cain currently serves as the superintendent of the Wentzville School District where he has worked since 2013 and will be replacing RSD’s interim superintendent, Dr. Tim Ricker. 

In a press release, Dr. Cain said he is honored to join RSD and looks forward to building relationships and supporting opportunities for students. 

“I plan to spend a great deal of time listening and learning and bringing people together to focus on all students and their growth,” Dr. Cain said in the press release. “I’m truly grateful and excited to join the Rockwood family.”

Taryn Blevins, junior, said she used to be in the Wentzville School District and has had Dr. Cain as a superintendent in the past. 

“The majority [Wentzville School District] was white so it was a big thing to have an African American superintendent just there,” Blevins said. “He was like a face that you knew in the school district, and he really made personal connections with people.”

Blevins said Dr. Cain being RSD’s first person of color superintendent is a huge step forward for the district. 

As part of the Diversity and Equity Committee (DEI), Blevins said they often talk about the lack of African American administration. 

“So I think that it is definitely just such a powerful thing that he’s superintendent now, but it’s also like you have somebody standing with you and for you, and it’s pushing for change,” Blevins said.

As part of the DEI, Blevins said she hopes Dr. Cain will focus on making RSD more diverse. 

“I definitely hope that he looks forward to hiring more or pushing for more African American administration,” Blevins said. “I hope he will be strong and confident in what he does and what he thinks to make Rockwood school district a better place and not worry about people influencing him.”

Jamie Bayes, BOE president, said Dr. Cain was chosen because of his qualities, skills and experiences.

“He is a visionary leader known throughout the St. Louis area, the state, and the nation and is widely recognized as a top superintendent,” Bayes said. “He understands the importance of relationships while focusing on student growth and potential. He is a positive and energetic person who brings a great depth of experience leading a large district.

Principal Dr. Steve Hankins said he has known Dr. Cain for seven years as his kids are in the Wentzville School District.

“I think he is a great leader so I think he will be a great addition to RSD,” Dr. Hankins said. 

Dr. Hankins said Dr. Cain will respond to controversy in the best manner to properly represent RSD. 

“He’s been a superintendent for the last seven years,” Dr. Hankins said. “The last two years of this he’s been in a position where he’s had similar controversies with different viewpoints and different boards, so he’s very experienced this situation, and I think he’s gonna be just fine.”