Junior Plans Summer Prom


Media by the Anderson family

Natalie Anderson, junior, views the tickets for her Prom on Ticketleap.

Prom is an event for students to dress up and enjoy each other’s company at a formal event,” senior Olivia Heidbrink said of the iconic high school event. “It’s a way to have fun and let loose of all the stress that is put on us.”

When MHS announced it would no longer be hosting its annual end-of-the-year Prom for seniors and juniors, students like Heidbrink were left missing out on a customary event in their high school careers. 

“Prom is usually a bigger deal for seniors because it’s their last chance to get dressed up with all of their high school friends,” Heidbrink said. “The days of their high school career start ticking down, and Prom is a great time to celebrate the final months of high school together.”

But, Heidbrink isn’t planning on missing out on Prom. 

For students who don’t want to miss out on their high school Prom, junior Natalie Anderson has been planning her own Prom for students to attend instead. 

“I have a good number of senior friends, and this is one of the big events at the end of the year that seniors look forward to,” Anderson said. “They deserve a final celebration, other than graduation, for completing high school.”

This has been a trying time for everyone, and I want to bring a sense of community to kids all over the area.”

— Natalie Anderson

 The tickets, which are sold for $50 via the online platform Ticketleap, cover the costs of the venue, DJ, photos and buffet dinner offered at the dance.  The event is scheduled to be held at Andre’s West Banquets and Catering on July 10.

Getting the word out about the Prom was a large part of the planning process, Anderson said.  She said she had to make sure enough people would attend before she could reach out to businesses for the venue, catering, music and photography. 

“Social media has helped greatly, especially when reaching out to accounts that have a larger following than mine, or ones that are more concentrated of high school upperclassmen,” Anderson said.

As of right now, Anderson said the Prom has more than 115 projected guests based on the data she has gotten through social media. But attendees of the Prom aren’t only from MHS: the event is open to upperclassmen of all local schools. 

“I wanted this to be open to local schools not only because I have friends that span throughout schools, but also because everyone deserves a celebration at the end of this year, not just Marquette kids,” Anderson said. “This has been a trying time for everyone, and I want to bring a sense of community to kids all over the area.”

Anderson said a driving force behind the making of this Prom was because she had been looking forward to the school Prom for a long time until it was canceled that she has always loved planning parties.

“If you ask anyone who knows me, they will tell you that I am a massive planner,” Anderson said. “I love having a schedule and organization, so this is right up my alley.”

Natalie’s mother, Missy Anderson, has been helping her to plan the Prom and make sure nothing is overlooked. 

“Natalie has been planning parties since she was 12, so I really haven’t done much except be a sounding board for ideas and learn about the ticketing platform with her,” Missy said.

The hardest part of planning the Prom, Missy said, was assessing all possibilities amidst the COVID-19 concerns. 

Should gatherings not be permitted by the date of the Prom, the event will be rescheduled for a date when graduating seniors can attend or canceled with full refunds of the tickets.

Missy, who went to both of her high school junior and senior Proms, said while Prom isn’t necessarily important, it is important to enjoy life events when the opportunity is there.

“I most remember having a good time with friends on a night that was special just for our classes,” Missy said. “It can be a memorable night of fun that isn’t often recreated after high school.”


Tickets for Natalie’s Prom are available at https://nanderson2020.ticketleap.com/promenade2020/