Photo Gallery: Blood Drive

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  • Setting up the tables, Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center volunteers Lisa Codak, Anika Barnes, Amy Walters and Adrian White organize the MHS blood drive. The National Honors Society (NHS) held the blood drive in the Small Gym Monday, Feb. 3, from 8:30 a.m.-1:30 p.m.

  • Juniors Hailey Benting, Elise Ambler, Elsa Case, and Haley Hume man the refreshments table set up for students and staff following their donation. Hume said she was inspired to volunteer for familial reasons. “My grandma had cancer and she needed a lot of blood from people, and my mom is always trying to give blood from seeing how much it helped my grandma,” Hume said. “I want to try to do the same.”

  • Mary Olubogun, senior, speaks with Amy Walters, Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center volunteer, while she bandages her arm with Adria Martin, sophomore, alongside her. Olubogun said she liked the addition of the free t-shirt and later reflected on her motivation to donate these past years. “There are people that need blood, and it’s cool, even if it’s a little tiny bit, to help them out,” Olubogun said. “I like that we keep getting the opportunity to help the community as a school is really cool and interesting.”

  • Spencer Johnson, senior, waits for his blood to finish being drawn by Lisa Codak, Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center volunteer. He said he was a lucky person because his blood type is O negative so his blood can be used for anyone. “I see this as a way to give back because I don’t want to be greedy,” Johnson said. “Blood drives institute the idea of charity, and it gives kids an opportunity to help other people in need.”

  • Senior Katie Curran, NHS volunteer, converses with Seniors Zach Streicher and Grace Clutts, who unwind after their blood transfusions. Although Curran wasn’t able to give blood due to running commitments, she said it was still valuable for her to help out. “I think it’s really important to donate blood for medical purposes,” Curran said. “I’ve seen family members who’ve had surgeries and afterwards needed blood, so I think it’s a really good cause. ”

  • Adrian White, Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center volunteer, organizes blood vials, blood bags and other items and information throughout the drive. “You should donate blood because one unit of blood can save three lives,” Adrian said. “Kids donating blood can also help researchers to help fight Alzhemier’s because you're young and staying active.”

  • Alex Blaylock, senior, is also participating in the blood drive because he said it was a means of self-fulfillment and another way to allow him to help others as much as he can. Jessica Stone, Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center volunteer, monitored Blaylock during the process. She is an MHS alumni from the Class of 1997, and said the experience was quite nostalgic. “It’s a very rewarding experience to help the kids give blood and to see them come in even though they are scared because it’s their first time,” Stone said. “The turn out for this means there’s still good in the world.”

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