RSD Increases Safety Precautions amid Security Concerns


Media by Tanner Rojewski

MHS’ first home game of the school year is scheduled for 8 p.m. tonight against Parkway North after rain postponed the original start time. Increased security personnel and staff will monitor the field and the parking lot.

After the gunshot fired at Parkway North’s football jamboree last week, RSD is increasing their security personnel at tonight’s football games at Rockwood Summit, Lafayette and MHS. 

Yesterday afternoon, Superintendent Dr. Mark Miles sent out a district-wide email addressing security concerns among the community. In it he explains 4E (Educate, Evade, Escape, Engage) training, an option-based strategy to remember as a form of precaution. In addition, Dr. Miles wrote that extra security personnel have been put in place at all high schools for tonight. 

“After I heard about what happened at Parkway North, it felt really scary knowing that that could happen at MHS,” Ben Hollenbeck, senior, said. 

Hollenbeck plays defensive end for the varsity football team and will play in tonight’s game.

“Having extra security tonight is a good idea,” Hollenbeck said. “I’m very excited to finally play after a long summer and we can finally show what we’ve worked for.” 

Associate Principal Tracey Waeckerle will be one of the administrators attending the game tonight. 

“Safety will always be our number one priority,” Waeckerle said. “Usually the first home game is more crowded anyways. We will have extra security, both on the field and in the parking lot.” 

I want to make sure that no one is having ill will or negative thoughts about our guests.”

— Shane Matzen

The number of student resource officers (SRO) has increased from the normal four to six tonight, including Parkway North’s SRO. 

Activities Director Shane Matzen was one of the administrators who decided how MHS would approach extra security at football games. 

Matzen said that what happened at Parkway North is saddening and tragic. He went on to say that increased security is just something everyone has to live with now.

“There were eight different schools at the jamboree,” Matzen said. “I want to make sure that no one is having ill will or negative thoughts about our guests.” 

In a recent tweet, Matzen stated that tonight’s football game has been moved back an hour to now begin at 8 p.m. due to tornado and flash flood warnings. All security will still be at the game to ensure everyone’s safety.