Choir Prepares for Large Group Festival

“Dixit Dominus, Domino meo sede a dextris,” sang the combined treble chorale and chamber choir, as they prepared for the MSHSAA Large Group Festival coming up on Wednesday, March 13 at Parkway Central High School.

As the highest tier of choir at MHS, chamber choir attends the festival every year and has earned a “1” rating for the last six years. The treble chorale attends almost every year to perform in a large group with chamber choir, as well as sight singing.

Tayler Emerson, senior, is in both the treble chorale and chamber choir. She was selected last Friday for a solo in “Dixit Dominus”, one of the two combined pieces.

“I’m used to singing with one choir at at a time,” Emerson said. “But with all of them together, it was easier because I was comfortable with both classes. Having them both there made me feel strong about my solo.”

Olivia Garrison, junior, has performed in the mixed choir before, and she said this year’s group is better.

“This choir is more experienced,” Garrison said. “They know their pieces better, they’re more confident in their singing, they understand sight singing better and they’ve grown a lot more than previous choirs.”

Garrison addressed the flaws in their combined rehearsal and said the only thing they have to work on is memorization and feeling more comfortable.

“We’re nervous, and that’s where simple mistakes come up,” she said. “But when you come together for the performance, it always comes out 100 times better than the rehearsal.”

Jason Winter, choir director, said he expects both groups to continue earning “1” ratings.

“I think today’s rehearsal went as I expected it to,” Winter said. “If they do the practice outside of class that they need to be prepared, we’ll be in great shape by next Wednesday.”