Photo Gallery: Signs for change – March for Our lives protest

Today, an estimated 12,000 people met in downtown St. Louis to attend the "March for Our Lives" protest. The march's goal was to raise awareness for gun control and to promote the creation of state and federal legislation.

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  • Morgan Lowe, lead protest organizer, is one of four college age students who organized the protest. “It needs to change,” Lowe said. “Columbine should have been enough. Sandy Hook should have been enough. The approximately 13,000 lives that are lost each year should have been enough.It’s time for change, it has to change and our politicians need to listen to us.”

  • Kerry Stricker and Rachel Davis, protestors, discuss what goals they hope the march will achieve. “I want to see politicians actually listening to the greater public, and I hope that they might change some of the gun laws,” Davis said.

  • Cody Henry, STL Sanders Band founder, marches with other musicians. “There’s a lot of issues going around the country,” Henry said. “We were here for the womens march and the climate march last year. We just try to come out here and support progressive causes that we think need to get a lot more attention. Getting better gun control to stop the murders in all the schools across the nation is one of the things that we believe in.”

  • Dawn Probst, fourth grade teacher, said there should be no fear in school and that lockdown drills are not the solution. “We need to be a voice for our politicians and tell them that we’re not going to stand for it anymore,” Probst said. “So enough is enough, there's been too many. It’s scary and it’s not what I became a teacher for.”

  • Becky Morgan, Moms Demand Action Missouri chapter leader, said gun law reformation has been important to her since her father was shot in 1991. “I think that it will send a powerful resounding message to our politicians in Washington and in state Houses across the country, that people have had it with gun violence,” Morgan said. “The thoughts and prayers are obviously not enough. They need to do more, and enact sensible gun legislation to keep our children and communities safe.”

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