UNICEF and Red Cross clubs arrive at MHS

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  • From left to right: Founders of Red Cross Club Gautami Kankipati and Vishwasri Aleti

  • From left to right: juniors Shreya Srigiri and Rindha Kola, founders of UNICEF club.

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This school year, MHS clubs are targeting helping local and global community.

United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) Club, started by sophomores Rindha Kola and Shreya Srigiri, is the latest school chapter to represent the international UNICEF organization.

UNICEF Club places an emphasis on education in third-world countries. Students are encouraged to fundraise for the organization and increase awareness of major social problems.

Every month, UNICEF has a theme for their organization,” Kola said. “Based on those corresponding themes, Marquette UNICEF will create projects in support of the organization.”

The themes center around providing humanitarian assistance to mothers and children in developing countries for the UNICEF organization and eventually help bridge the socio-economic gap. The project for this month is Humanitarian Action in Emergencies.

“Through our network, we are looking for hands-on ways to kick-start a drive and get as many people on board as we can,” Srigiri said.

The club meets every Thursday morning at 7:30 p.m. Over the past couple weeks, the UNICEF team has worked to create first aid and essentials kits with band-aids, sanitizer, pads and tampons for those lacking access to such resources.

Kylie Wurgler, speech and debate coach, has known Kola and Srigiri since their freshman year. When the two pitched their idea to start the club, Wurgler didn’t hesitate to be the sponsor.

“When I was younger, I watched a movie called Quest for Camelot, and at the end, there was a plug for UNICEF,” Wurgler said. “It made me really sad to see the fortune of these kids and I think that experience opened up my heart. I truly believe in donating and being charitable.”

Looking into the future, Kola said the club hopes to solidify some of its upperclassmen leadership positions while preparing for the upcoming World Water Month, World Immunization Month and Kid Power Month.

Red Cross Club, started by Gautami Kankipati, sophomore, and Vishwashri Aleti, freshman, is another initiative focused on providing aid, specifically to communities affected by natural disasters.

“We aim to address some of the natural disasters that occured in 2017, prepare for tragedies that could occur in the future and engage with the local Red Cross center for opportunities that come up,” Kankipati said.

A major component of the club is also to educate both kids and adults about the importance of service and how any individual can lend a helping hand to reconnect separated families, especially during times of natural disasters.

“These issues are very prevalent in our new year, so hopefully we can try and alleviate these problems,” Aleti said.

Sponsor Raymond Holmes, language arts teacher, helped Kankipati and Aleti figure out the club’s logistics last month. The club meets every Wednesday morning at 7:30 to accommodate those who cannot make afternoon meetings due to spring sports.

Kola, Srigiri, Kankipati, and Aleti all look to establish their clubs in the the weeks and take in new members.

“I think it will be a true accomplishment for us when we hear back from UNICEF about how our efforts actually impacted the life of a family thousands of miles away,” Srigiri said.

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