MHSNews 18-19 | Episode 6- Future superintendent, new VR lab, hidden talents, and behind the scenes!

This episode of MHSNews features future superintendent Dr. Mark Miles’ first visit to the district, a new VR lab in the library, hidden talents at Marquette, and behind the scenes of Marquette Theatre Co.’s newest production.


Stories this episode-

“Future Superintendent”- Jackson Estwanick, executive producer, and Shon Sayfuddinov, associate producer, interview future superintendent Dr. Mark Miles during his first visit to the district.

“New VR Lab”- Jadynne Watts, recruitment manager, showcases a new VR lab in the library that is programmed with interactive educational applications.

“Hidden Talents of MHS”- Dallen Carrell, staff reporter, interviews students with special talents.

“Behind the Scenes of Marquette Theatre Co.”- Connor Karst, publishing editor, gives a behind the scenes look at Marquette Theatre Co.’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.